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Friday, July 1, 2011

Bike is back, yipee!

Hello ya'll! I am so excited, the bike is back from the shop.  Touring tires, higher gearing, new front fork, racks, lights and the computer has been synced.  All I need now are the panniers, for those of you who aren't bike savvy, that would be the bags to carry all my essentials.  I just sent a letter to a company that I hope will offer an in kind donation of the panniers.  Once the bags are on, I will be doing fully loaded training rides to get used to carrying the extra weight.  There will also be some new filming with PBS at that time.  I will update you when to look for that.  See you on the road.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long fruitful day.

From the front lines of advocacy, I spent the entire day at the PA Immunization Conference.  I learned quite a bit that will help me in the future as I speak to others.  I was a guest speaker for the part of the day focused on the HPV vaccine.  I followed a very knowledgeable, fun loving, physician.  I was given the opportunity to share my story and why I believe it is important for us to be spreading the word about this vaccine.  Our presentation sparked a very informative conversation with the audience and that was a good thing.  If you were there, thank you.
I made a new friend as I sat next to a wonderful physician from the local area.  He introduced me to one of his friends and as the day went on I had met many wonderful people.  I even recruited someone who wants to volunteer to help out Tamika & Friends.  This was a great group to speak to and everyone there was very receptive to the conversation. 
I am so blessed and I love getting the opportunity to share and help others.  If I can bring a smile to one persons face it is worth it all and today there were many.