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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Survivor's for Life...

As a survivor of many different hurdles placed in my path I have noticed a few attributes that all survivors seem to have in common. 
1.  I believe we all have Faith, faith in God or some higher power.  We have an inner knowing that we are being watched over.  We know that whatever adversity we face, we do not face it alone.
2.  We all have Hope.  Hope that is a combination of assurance that everything will be fine coupled with the reality of what is and the knowledge to know what to focus on.  What we focus on grows.
3.  Love, love of family and friends, love of life.  These are the love "potions" that give us reason to survive.
4.  Changeability, helps us to let go of what was and create new strategies for our new reality.  We know that when everything changes, we need to change everything.
5.  Resilience and Flow, we bend just like a tree in the wind and flow like the mountain river moving through the rocks.  We have a "never give up" attitude.
6.  Heart and Compassion, heart lets us handle the pain and keep moving forward.  We always get back up one more time than we fall down.  In the face of any adversity we reach out to those in need with the knowledge that in helping others we help ourselves. 
You may be reading this and wondering how do these things apply to your life if you have never had cancer or dealt with a hand such as mine.  Think about life and what you face on a daily basis and ask yourself, how many times have I needed to apply these attributes to an everyday situation.  Although you may not have ever dealt with cancer or any of the things I have mentioned that I have been through, I am sure that you have found yourself a "survivor" on more than one occasion in life.  Inspiration and solutions are everywhere, just listen and look and they will be revealed to you. 

I would like to invite all of you to go to the resources page and find the Cancer Solution Center, I am honored to be able to call the leader of this team my friend.  They have teamed up with 7-time Olympic Medalist, Shannon Miller and are offering a free book by Shannon on her journey with cancer.  For all of you who are reading this that are undergoing cancer treatment, know someone who is, or have finished treatment they have an amazing line well worth looking into.  If you have read "Anti-Cancer" you will most certainly want to take a look at PhytoFusion.  This is a product I would recommend even for those who just want to give their health a boost with some phytotherapy in a great tasting drink.  I do hope that all of you check out Shannon's free book!

Enjoy life, you are amazing!