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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kindness Counts

Busy as I can be, the new Karma cards are now ready! There is also a new line of gifts coming soon, perfect for survivors of all kinds and for those you love.

This journey has brought me to the realization that the most important form of currency I have available to me, no matter what my bank account says, is kindness. The kindness I give away and the kindness I receive, these are what keep me going when I think I can't do this any more. I decided I needed to start a movement of kindness but I am only one person and doing this all on my own would take a long time. However, with all of you reading this spreading your own kindness the movement would spread quickly. I also realized that many times in life we can't pay the kindness back, but we can always pay it forward.

Karma cards are my way of making this a game of fun and inspiration. Do something anonymously for someone and leave the card behind, watch the kindness spread. I will be changing the site in the very near future and there will be a page for your stories and a place to order the cards and the gifts. Stay tuned. In the meantime, if you are interested in the cards, send me an email and I will give you more info on purchasing or how to get them free. Send them with flowers, or a secret gift, use them when you pay for a strangers coffee. Get creative, I am sure you can find many ways to use this great little card.

The world is a one big "favor bank," you do something for someone, they do something for someone, someone does something for you..get it, Karma..What goes around, comes around! Are you ready to play?

I have the honor and privilege of crewing for the upcoming RAAM (Race Across America). I intend to leave these cards all along the cross country route, every place I can find a way to leave some kindness behind. Join me in the fun!