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Monday, July 25, 2011

21 Days of Smiles

Thank you for taking on this challenge, I guarantee it will be fun and rewarding.
Studies have shown that it takes 21 days of consistent behavior to change a habit or create a new one. I am giving you a list of things that will fit in any one of these categories, good for you, good for someone else, good for the planet. All of them are sure to bring a smile to your face. These are just ideas, if they won’t work for you, create your own, mix them up, think outside the box, do the same thing twice, there are no rules, just flex your kindness muscles, and then share your stories here. I want to see the most outrageous, hear the most heart warming, and find out how many of you can hang for 21 days.

 Be a pick up artist, wherever you go today pick up the trash you see along your way.
 Call an old friend to say hello.
 Stand in front of your mirror, smile and tell yourself “I love you”, use your name.
 Offer to watch a friends children and give them some time away.
 Smile at everyone you meet for the day.
 Talk to a stranger.
 Do something special for yourself, get a manicure, a massage, or something else you enjoy.
 Take a child to a movie.
 Donate lightly used books to the library.
 Pay the tab for the person behind you.
 Read to a child.
 Let someone go in line in front of you.
 Return someone else’s shopping cart.
 Hold the door for a stranger.
 Write a letter or thank you note to someone who made a difference in your life.
 Say hello to everyone you meet throughout your day.
 Donate to a food bank.
 Make someone laugh.
 Complain less.
 Play with a child.
 Take care of your body, get out and ride bike, take a hike, or play a game.

You don’t need to post everyday, try posting once a week or when it fits your schedule, you will have the bonus of inspiring others with your posts. Go to the comments and leave your heart warming stories. At the end of the 21 days I will pick a winner, the person with the most kindness given and the best posts on here will be rewarded with a special honor. Get in the game to win.